Professional quality, heavy-duty case sealer.

Here's a tape sealer that can handle real-world production demands. It's built tough ... for high speed, three-shift-a-day operation.

It seals cases squarely and securely, with A-B-C's exclusive case-squaring flight lugs and contoured flap folders. It's sensibly designed with quality components, built into the heavy stainless steel frame, to virtually eliminate downtime for maintenance.

The Super Pro 30T is built to fulfill your production needs today and in the future.
Unit of Measure



N/A ABC Packaging

Air Flow Per Case at 60 Pound Per Square Inch (psi) Pressure

N/A 0.05 ft³
Maximum Tape Roll Diameter1 N/A 15-1/2 in

Sealing Method

N/A Tape


N/A Case Sealers

Electrical Specifications

Primary Voltage

N/A 220 V440 V


N/A 60 Hz

Number of Phase

N/A 3

Standard Features

Standard Features

  • Automatic case feed
  • Automatic minor flap closing
  • Heavy-duty flight lug drive
  • Cast aluminum flap folders
  • Top quality taping heads
  • Tape- 2" width standard
      3" width available
  • Gull-wing style high visibility doors
  • Rapid-adjust cranks for case change
  • Exterior-mounted tape rolls
  • Rugged stainless steel frame
  • Maintenance-free sealed bearings
  • Main gear drive in sealed oil bath
  • Self-lubricating air cylinders
  • Automatic water eliminator
  • Low voltage control circuit transformer
  • Convenient power on-off button



N/A Built for Production
The Super Pro 30T is manufactured as a compact, integrated unit, which eliminates vibration that can lead to premature wear. The stainless steel frame is welded and bolted, and the upper operating mechanisms are secured to the frame by a solid rack and gear system. Drive shafts are solid 1-1/4" steel. The flight lugs are forged of cast aluminum for strength, mounted on wear-resistant 1-1/2" pitch flight chain. With a total machine weight of over 2,200 pounds, the Super Pro 30T can handle the toughest production situations.

No Operator Required
Each case is automatically indexed into the sealer from your conveyor. As the motor-driven flight lugs transfer the case through the sealer, the top inner flaps are folded by a powered flap tucker. Then, the outer flaps are folded and tape is applied. The case exits the machine sealed, square and ready for palletizing.

Attractive and Functional Design
The design of the Super Pro 30T is attractive as well as functional. The sleek stainless steel frame won't rust and never needs painting. The clear, gull-wing doors are standard protection on the Super Pro 30T, not special order. They are electrically interlocked to stop the sealer when opened, allowing total access to the machine.

Features for Square Cases
A-B-C's exclusive flight lugs push cases from the corners, "squaring" each case during transfer. Flight lugs are superior to other methods of case transfer, including flight bars, which can become skewed or bent and form unsquare cases. A-B-C flight lug drive has been proven in thousands of installations as an extremely reliable and durable method of case transfer.

The cast aluminum flap folders are gradually contoured to fold the flaps at the score line then close them smoothly with no flap overlap. Even cases with poor scores are folded squarely.

Easy Tape Roll Replacement
The Super Pro 30T is equipped with features to eliminate wasted tape and to dramatically reduce lost production time for tape roll changes. First, both the top and bottom tape rolls are exterior mounted to allow easy access. Second, a "roll empty" sensor stops the sealer just as the end of the tape comes off the roll. The attendant simply replaces the roll, and attaches the new roll to the tail of the last roll.

Low Maintenance
The rugged construction of the Super Pro is your guarantee that it will run longer with less wear or care. Plus, we've added features to minimize your maintenance tasks.

The main drive gear assembly is enclosed in a lubricating oil bath to eliminate gear wear. Sealed bearings and self-lubricated air cylinders never need maintenance. The automatic water eliminator prevents air valve damage caused by water in air lines. When routine maintenance or cleaning is necessary, the gull-wing doors swing out of the way to allow complete machine access.



N/A All information in this brochure was current at time of printing, however, in the continuing effort to improve the quality and construction of A-B-C machines, we reserve the right to make changes without notice. Guards may be opened or removed for photos shown.
  • 1 On 3 in. Diameter Core.