• Model 121 Tablock Case Slitters/Sealers

    This 2-in-1 machine automatically slits the tabs of tablock cases, then folds the flaps and seals the case in one continuous operation.

    • High traction belting provides positive case transfer
    • Cast aluminum flap folders ensure secure flap closing
    • Compact, in-line design for easy installation

  • Model 236 Top Case Sealers

    When you need a compact case sealer for your midrange sealing requirements, consider the Model 236- the small case sealer that gives you more.

    • Non-stop case feed for reliable, high speed sealing
    • Packed with quality production features
    • Built to provide years of carefree service and quick change versatility for future requirements

  • Model 300 Case Erectors

    The Model 300 is the midrange model of A-B-C's industry-leading case erector line, built for speeds from 15 to 25 cases per minute.

    • Low level, easy load case magazine
    • Top case feed is forgiving for less-than-perfect cases
    • Multiple features to ensure square cases

  • Model 335 Case Erectors

    Here's a multi-purpose tablock case erector/bottom sealer that delivers higher speeds, a wider case range and a larger case magazine.

    • Run RSC Tablock, RSC, HSC and CSSC style cases
    • Tablock bypass feature for complete flexibility
    • Built for reliable, nonstop performance

  • Adhesive Model with Servo Compression Ram

    A workhorse machine for large and oversized cases.

    • Run KD blanks up to 45" long x 42" wide
    • All-mechanical drive for reliable operation
    • Quick changeover with no-tools adjustments
    • PLC control with color touchscreen controls
    • Seal with tape or adhesive

  • Model 400HS High Speed Hot Melt Sealing

    Tape or Hot Melt Adhesive Sealing

    These workhorse case erectors are built for your real world production, to run less-than-perfect corrugated and deliver square cases to your production line. Quick changeover, wide case range, low maintenance, and always better cases.

  • Model 436 Top Case Sealers

    With a super small footprint (only 10' long) and A-B-C's trademark rugged construction, this sealer is built to satisfy your most challenging sealing requirements.

    • Non-stop case feed for reliable, high speed sealing
    • Servo or pneumatic flap tucker for secure flap closing
    • Flexible compression rollers for well-sealed cases
    • Seal with tape or adhesive

  • Model 450 Case Erectors

    High speed case erector with hot melt sealing

    This case former runs up to 50 cases per minute, providing square, well-sealed cases to high speed lines. Packed inside its compact frame is a workhorse machine.

    • Floor level KD case magazine eliminates heavy lifting
    • Features to handle poor corrugated and uneven case stacks
    • Patented features for square cases

  • Axiom® ARC/DL/IM Series Motion Case/Tray Packers
  • Invex® IM Case/Tray Packers

    Unprecedented efficiency and economy.

    Conveniently flexible and loaded with experience-based design, Invex® IM case/tray packers bring a higher level of performance to mid-range applications. Its simplistic combination of design, positive drive technology and control avoids compromise and maximizes performance.

  • TriVex® RLi Series Top Load Case/Tray Packer
  • Model 19 for Small Cases with Powered Takeaway Conveyor

    These case packers provide an economical upgrade from hand packing for a quick payback in labor savings.

    • For rigid or semi-rigid cartons, single or multipacks.
    • Compact footprints and modular designs.
    • The ideal solution for economy, flexibility and reliability.

  • Model 101 Pick and Place Packers/Unpackers

    Packer or uncaser for glass or plastic containers, cans or cartons
    Synchronized servo operation keeps containers completely under control from conveyor to case:

    • Gentle product handling and precise operation
    • Many container handling devices available
    • Intelligent Control for accurate placement

  • Model 360 Uncasers and Packers

    Here's an easy upgrade if you're using hand labor to uncase and pack bottles. The Model 360 performs both functions, unpacking and packing, simultaneously, in one machine.

    • Compact design for easy installation, saves floor space
    • Run a variety of glass and plastic containers
    • No-drop handling protects container and label integrity

  • Model 600 Robotic Packers

    With a high payload robotic arm and multiple infeed and gripper configurations, the Model 600 delivers top flexibility for your current and future requirements.

    • Wide product range
    • Precision handling
    • Quick changeover

  • Super Pro 30HM Top and Bottom Adhesive Tape Case Sealers

    The Super Pro 30 A New Industry Standard!

    Simple in design, reliable in operation ... that's how we build case sealers. And, over the years, our commitment to quality has made A-B-C case sealers the standard for industry comparison.

    Now we're setting new standards. Today's Super Pro 30 hot melt sealer is the best ever ... with a new, sleek design and high productivity features to handle your real-world production demands today and in the future.

  • Super Pro 30T Top and Bottom Tape Case Sealers

    Professional quality, heavy-duty case sealer.

    Here's a tape sealer that can handle real-world production demands. It's built tough ... for high speed, three-shift-a-day operation.

    It seals cases squarely and securely, with A-B-C's exclusive case-squaring flight lugs and contoured flap folders. It's sensibly designed with quality components, built into the heavy stainless steel frame, to virtually eliminate downtime for maintenance.

    The Super Pro 30T is built to fulfill your production needs today and in the future.