• Model 300 Case Erectors

    The Model 300 is the midrange model of A-B-C's industry-leading case erector line, built for speeds from 15 to 25 cases per minute.

    • Low level, easy load case magazine
    • Top case feed is forgiving for less-than-perfect cases
    • Multiple features to ensure square cases

  • Model 335 Case Erectors

    Here's a multi-purpose tablock case erector/bottom sealer that delivers higher speeds, a wider case range and a larger case magazine.

    • Run RSC Tablock, RSC, HSC and CSSC style cases
    • Tablock bypass feature for complete flexibility
    • Built for reliable, nonstop performance

  • Adhesive Model with Servo Compression Ram

    A workhorse machine for large and oversized cases.

    • Run KD blanks up to 45" long x 42" wide
    • All-mechanical drive for reliable operation
    • Quick changeover with no-tools adjustments
    • PLC control with color touchscreen controls
    • Seal with tape or adhesive

  • Model 400HS High Speed Hot Melt Sealing

    Tape or Hot Melt Adhesive Sealing

    These workhorse case erectors are built for your real world production, to run less-than-perfect corrugated and deliver square cases to your production line. Quick changeover, wide case range, low maintenance, and always better cases.

  • Model 450 Case Erectors

    High speed case erector with hot melt sealing

    This case former runs up to 50 cases per minute, providing square, well-sealed cases to high speed lines. Packed inside its compact frame is a workhorse machine.

    • Floor level KD case magazine eliminates heavy lifting
    • Features to handle poor corrugated and uneven case stacks
    • Patented features for square cases