High speed case erector with hot melt sealing

This case former runs up to 50 cases per minute, providing square, well-sealed cases to high speed lines. Packed inside its compact frame is a workhorse machine.
  • Floor level KD case magazine eliminates heavy lifting
  • Features to handle poor corrugated and uneven case stacks
  • Patented features for square cases
Unit of Measure



N/A ABC Packaging

Case Style

N/A Half Slotted Case (HSC) Regular Slotted Case (RSC)

Air Flow Per Cycle at 80 Pound Per Square Inch (psi) Pressure

N/A 0.878 scfm


N/A Up to 50 cases/min

K.D. Length

N/A 12 to 38 in

K.D. Width

N/A 8 to 29-1/4 in


N/A Case Erectors

Electrical Specifications

Primary Voltage

N/A 230 V460 V


N/A 60 Hz

Number of Phase

N/A 3

Industry Standards

N/A National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA 12)



N/A Large capacity, easy load case magazine
The high capacity case magazine with built-in auxiliary magazine assures a continuous supply of cases to the erector. As each case stack is used, another stack is automatically indexed into position, minimizing the attention of your line personnel. The ergonomic, low level magazine is easy to refill without lifting or raising cases.

Designed for real world production
The 450 erector is loaded with features to accommodate less than perfect cases. The opening arms 'over-open' the major flaps to compensate for incorrectly slotted cases, and the vacuum cups grip each case from above and below to compensate for warped cases and ensure proper opening.

Motorized walking beams continuously square cases as they travel from opening through sealing to ensure that well-formed cases are sent to your packer.

Intelligent Control ensures precise operation
A-B-C's Intelligent Control takes PLC logic one step further, to provide unprecedented control of line performance. Closed loop position feedback ensures precise timing of each operating sequence, utilizing non-contact sensors to provide input. The touch screen display provides real-time operating data, and allows independent operation of all functions, diagnostics, and changeover settings.

Servo-powered sealing ram forms square cases
As each case enters the sealing station, the servo motor-powered sealing ram smoothly and reliably enters the case and compresses the flaps to ensure a secure seal. The ram stroke is precisely controlled by the servo motor, ensuring optimum precision during high speed production runs.

Quality Features

Quality Features

  • Welded and bolted steel frame construction
  • All-mechanical continuous motion main drive
  • Servo-operated sealing ram
  • High capacity vacuum system
  • Gull-wing style high visibility machine doors allow easy machine access
  • Elevated beacon fault light
  • Sealed bearings throughout
  • Low level magazine holds 3 stacks (approx. 300 KDs)
  • A-B-C's Intelligent Control for operation, machine jog, diagnostics, troubleshooting, changeover settings
    • PLC control ensures precise operation
    • Touchscreen control panel displays all operating data and offers complete control of all functions
    • Non-contact sensors monitor machine operation
    • Running case count
    • Production count pre-select
    • Alarm history readout
  • Standard fault detection features:
    • Downstream case backup
    • case magazine empty or low
    • Door opened
    • Case did not open properly
    • No/low air pressure
    • Motor overload
    • Encoder or coupling malfunction

Optional Features

Optional Features

  • Magazine extensions for additional capacity
  • Repeatable position indicators on adjustment shafts
  • Grouped lubrication fittings



N/A All information in this brochure was current at time of printing, however, in the continuing effort to improve the quality and construction of A-B-C equipment, we reserve the right to make changes without notice.