• Doboy B-550 Continuous Versatile Industrial Band Sealers

    Industrial Quality
    The B-550 provides industrial performance at an economical price. Built to the same high standards as our larger machines, the B-550 offers exceptional value and versatility. A full range of styles and options allow you to configure the B-550 to meet your specific needs.

  • Doboy Double Belt Conveyors
  • GS-1000™ Series Double Fold Glue Sealers

    High-Speed Bag Gluer for Continuous Flow-Through Operation

    Double Fold Glue Sealer for High-Speed Production

    Key to the performance of the GS-1000™ Series Glue Sealer is the patented jam-proof folder mechanism, which produces a sharp, crisp fold on bag tops. The unique design allows unevenly fed or damaged bags to pass through the machine without jamming. The GS-1000™ Series is designed for durability to provide high-speed, 3-shift/day operation.

  • HS-BII™ Series Portable Hand Sealers
  • Doboy B-550M Medical Grade Continuous Band Sealers
  • Doboy HDPT™ Bag Sealers

    Designed to Heat Seal Pinch Bags with Inner Liner

    The Ultimate Bag Closure to Ensure Product Integrity

    The HDPT™ sealer is designed to heat seal pinch bags with an inner liner and complete the package closure with a standard pinch top fold, providing the most secure closure available. The HDPT™ sealer is appropriate for sensitive products that demand the ultimate in an open mouth bag closure.

  • Doboy S-CH Series Bag Sealers
  • Doboy CBS-D Continuous Band Sealers for Multi-Shift Production Requirements

    Equipped to meet the needs of full-scale production environments, the CBS-D has been designed from the ground up. Special attention has been given tao enhancing performance and dramatically reducing maintenance and setup times. The CBS-D can be configured for a wide variety of bag sizes, environments and products. It is available in both vertical and horizontal versions and in two infeed directions. One of our latest features includes bag air evacuation which reduces bag volume of air can reduce the performance of air desiccant pouches and allows for denser secondary packaging.