Equipped to meet the needs of full-scale production environments, the CBS-D has been designed from the ground up. Special attention has been given tao enhancing performance and dramatically reducing maintenance and setup times. The CBS-D can be configured for a wide variety of bag sizes, environments and products. It is available in both vertical and horizontal versions and in two infeed directions. One of our latest features includes bag air evacuation which reduces bag volume of air can reduce the performance of air desiccant pouches and allows for denser secondary packaging.
Unit of Measure



N/A Syntegon

Production Speed

N/A 0 to 1200 in/min

Product Range

N/A All heat sealable materials, tube style or gusseted

Sealing Bands

N/A Glass Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

Standard Sealing Width

N/A 6 mm

Main Drive

N/A AC Drive/Frequency Control

Temperature Control

N/A Two Precision Digital Controls

Sealing Section

Heat Bars

N/A Two pair of 7.62 in. (190 mm) long for a total of 380 mm of sealing surface precision machined aluminum heat bars produce a 6 mm seal width (standard). The heatbars are spring loaded and are adjustable for different bag thicknesses. Ceramic insulators contain the heat within the heat bars.

Compression Wheels

N/A One pair of adjustable, spring-loaded compression wheels create the pressure needed to seal bags with ease.

Cooling Bars

N/A One pair of 5 in. (130 mm) long air cooled cooling bars, spring loaded and adjustable.

Vertical Machine Size

Vertical Length

N/A 75 in1905 mm

Vertical Width

N/A 31.9 in810.26 mm
Vertical Floor Belt Height (Variable)1 N/A 57.2 to 71.2 in1450 to 1800 mm

Vertical Weight

N/A 700 lb

Horizontal Machine Size

Horizontal Length

N/A 75 in1905 mm

Horizontal Width

N/A 26.6 in676 mm
Horizontal Floor Belt Height (Variable)2 N/A 32.5 to 40 in825.5 to 1016 mm

Horizontal Weight

N/A 700 lb



N/A 220 V


N/A 60 Hz

Number of Phase

N/A 1

Industry Standards

N/A National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA 12)



  • Single point gap adjustment - Heating and cooling bars are mounted to a special indexing plate with a dial indicator readout to allow the bars' spacing from one central point. This eliminates the need to adjust the each bar individually, saving time and providing precision adjustments.

  • Imbedded thermocouples - Thermocouples are contained within the heater cartridge to provide the most accurate method of sensing bar temperature. Two precision digital temperature controls accurately control sealing temperature.

  • Meeting industry needs - All machines are wired to meet NEMA 12 standards and current industry codes. The control panel is configured for easy accessibility in and operating position. The CBS-D is available in a wide range of voltages and optional area classifications.

  • Main frame - Main frame component are constructed from painted or stainless steel and aluminum plate. The floor stand is a tubular steel welded unit with a hand crank vertical height adjustment. Guards are sheet metal and Lexan. The CBS-D is built to last.

  • Glass Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) sealing bands - Provides better seals on gusseted bags and dramatic reduction in machine maintenance, heating and cooling bar wear. The CBS-D has been designed to provide rapid band changes, with no tools required. Bands can be replaced in under two minutes.

  • Heating and cooling bars - Both the heating and cooling bars have super hard (60 Rockwell™) surface treatment that eliminates wear. The bars have an exclusive over-travel limit to increase sealing and machine life. The air cooling manifold is more efficient for cooling capacity.

  • AC frequency variable speed drive - Machine speed can be adjusted from the control panel, with no belts or pulleys to adjust. In addition, the main drive is gear driven, so there are no chains or sprockets to wear out.

  • Bag top control - Full length, 12 mm wide, urethane timing belt securely grip the bag top and provide positive timing and speed control throughout the entire length of the sealer.

    Full length, non-marking, 12" urethane carrier belts grip the bag top and transport it through the entire length of the sealer. Bags weighing less than two pounds do not require a support conveyor

  • Quick change sealing station - The entire sealing section can be removed in a matter of minutes for service or replacement, downtime is virtually eliminated.

  • Quality seals - The CBS-D is equipped with fully adjustable heat bars, compression section and cooling bars. Quality components provide quality seals.

  • Safe, easy access - Front guard door with safety interlock stops the machine when opened and provides access to the entire sealing section.

  • Precision temperature control - Precision digital temperature controller mounted on the operator panel. The heat bars reach target temperature in minutes and maintain the set point resulting in error-free seals.

  • Variable speed drive - Main drive AC variable speed frequency drive and motor are accurate, dependable and maintenance-free. Direct drive design means nothing to lubricate and no belts or chains to replace.

  • Simple operation - Adjustable height floor stand with hand crank for easy operation. Two post, robust design is built to last in the challenging environment.



N/A The CBS-D is available in both vertical and horizontal versions and in two feed directions. A wide selection of options are available and include:
  • Emboss or ink coders
  • Integrated conveyor
  • Bag top trimmer
  • Bag counter
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Right to left or left to right feed direction
  • Additional temperature controllers
  • 9 - 19 mm seal width for hole-punch
  • Option for slider bag
  • Evacuation of bag air
  • Custom options, per application
  • 1 Add 5 in. for casters.
  • 2 Add 5 in. for casters.