Industrial Quality
The B-550 provides industrial performance at an economical price. Built to the same high standards as our larger machines, the B-550 offers exceptional value and versatility. A full range of styles and options allow you to configure the B-550 to meet your specific needs.
Unit of Measure



N/A Syntegon


N/A Band

Production Speed

N/A 100 to 1000 in/min

Product Range

N/A All heat sealable materials, tube style or gusseted

Sealing Bands

N/A Glass Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

Standard Sealing Width

N/A 0.25 in

Heat Bars

N/A 1 Pair (7.5 in. Long)


N/A Adjustable Pressure Roller

Cooling Bars

N/A 1 Pair of Air Cooled Bars

Main Drive

N/A AC Drive/Frequency Control

Temperature Control

N/A One Precision Digital Control

Equipment Grade

N/A Industrial

Additional Information

N/A The B-550 seals a wide range of bag styles for a variety of applications.

Machine Dimensions

Vertical Length

N/A 55.5 in

Horizontal Length

N/A 55.5 in

Vertical Width

N/A 26 in

Horizontal Width

N/A 26.5 in
Vertical Height (Variable) Floor to Belt1 N/A 28 to 45.5 in
Horizontal Height (Variable) Floor to Belt2 N/A 31 to 39 in

Vertical Weight

N/A 325 lb

Horizontal Weight

N/A 310 lb



N/A 110 V


N/A 60 Hz

Number of Phase

N/A 1

Industry Leading Features

Industry Leading Features

N/A Improved Performance
The B-550 heat bar length has been increased to 7.5 inches seal a wider range of bag materials at higher speeds. The heat bars have been designed to maximize heat transfer and minimize temperature deviation. The B-550 features compression wheels to provide strong seals on gusseted and difficult to seal films. Cooling bars are also standard and are designed for maximum efficiency to set seals for immediate handling.

Bag Top Control
Full length, 1/2" wide, urethane timing belts grip the bag top and provide positive timing and speed control throughout the entire length of the sealer.

Glass Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Sealing Bands
Fiberglass sealing bands provide superior seals and greatly reduce machine wear and maintenance.

Operator Friendy
All controls and adjustments are easy to use and set-up. Sealing bands can be changed in less than a minute - without tools.

AC Drive
The B-550 is our first mid-range sealer to feature the same drive system as our larger band sealers. This powerful and reliable combination features variable frequency speed control with a standard speed range of 100 to 1000 inches per minute. Bag speed is precisely controlled from the operator panel.

Precision Temperature Control
The heart of the B-550 temperature control system is a state-of the- art digital temperature controller. Mounted in the operator panel, the controller provides precise control of the heat bar temperature resulting in error-free seals.

Built to last
Like other Doboy sealers before, the B-550 is truly an industrial quality sealer. Our machines are built for long service and high performance levels. The B-550 main frame is constructed of machine plate aluminum and features a rugged two post floorstand and polycarbonate guarding.

Sealing Section

Sealing Section

  • Heat Bars - One pair of 7.5" long precision machined aluminum heat bars produce a 1/4" seal width. The heat bars are spring loaded and are adjustable for different bag thicknesses. Ceramic insulators contain the heat within the heat bars.
  • Compression Wheels - One pair of adjustable, spring loaded compression wheels create the pressure needed to seal gusseted bags with ease.
  • Cooling Bars - One pair 5" long adjustable, cast aluminum, spring loaded cooling bars with stainless steel cover and blower fan to set seals for immediate handling.

Standard Machine Features

Standard Machine Features

N/A Bag Top Control
  • Full length, non-marking, 1/2" urethane carrier belts grip the bag top and transport it through the entire length of the sealer. Bags weighing less than two pounds do not require a support conveyor.
Quality Seals
  • The B-550 is equipped with fully adjustable heat bars, compression section and cooling bars.
  • Quality components provide quality seals.
Safe, Easy Access
  • Front guard door with safety interlock, stops the machine when opened and provides access to the entire sealing section.
Precision Temperature Control
  • Precision digital temperature controller mounted on the operator panel. The heat bars reach temperature in minutes and maintain the set point resulting in error-free seals.
Variable Speed Drive
  • Main drive AC variable speed frequency drive and motor are accurate, dependable and maintenance free. Direct drive design means nothing to lubricate and no belts or chains to replace.
Simple Operation
  • Adjustable height floor stand with hand crank for easy operation. Two post, robust design is built to last in challenging environments.



N/A The B-550 is available in both vertical and horizontal versions and in two feed directions. A wide selection of options are available and include:
  • Emboss or ink coders
  • Integrated conveyors
  • Bag top trimmer
  • Bag counter
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Right to left or left to right feed direction
  • Custom options, per application



  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Value
  • 1 Add 5 in. for casters
  • 2 Add 5 in. for casters