The TFT Sealer trims, double folds and tapes the bag for a secure sift proof closure. Designed to operate at speeds up to 150 feet per minute on woven polypropylene bags, the TFT Sealer is compatible with any high speed automatic bagging line.
Unit of Measure



N/A Syntegon

Machine Dimensions


N/A 111 in2819.4 mm


N/A 73 in1854.2 mm


N/A 82 in2082.8 mm

Machine Weight

N/A 1,795 lb

Technical Specifications

Production Speed

N/A 150 ft/min45.72 m/min

Product Range

N/A 8 mil. Gusseted/Coated Woven Polypropylene


N/A 220 to 480 V


N/A 60 Hz

Number of Phase

N/A 3

Industry Standards

N/A National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA 12)

Air Flow

N/A 3 ft³/min60 psi

Main Drive

N/A AC Frequency Variable Speed


N/A Allen Bradley PLC and Operator Interface Panel

Fold Size

N/A 1.25 in

Tape Core Diameter

N/A 20 in508 mm

Tape Color

N/A Clear

Feed Direction

N/A Left to Right Right to Left

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Proven Technology - The TFT incorporates many of the time tested components used on other heavy-duty Doboy sealers while incorporating the latest technology in tape application and machine controls.
  • Secure Closure - Two 1.25 inch folds are secured with 2 inch wide polypropylene tape providing a strong, sift-proof closure. This closure easily passes even the most demanding shipping requirements.
  • Rotary Trimmer - The TFT trimmer is based on a rugged cast housing and features oversize bearings and shafts. Twin rotary disks provide consistent trimming on even the toughest bag.
  • Creasers - The TFT features a creasing station prior to each fold. Woven bags have a high degree of memory, it is essential to properly score the bag to provide optimal folds.
  • Patented Folder - Patented folders provide precision fold quality for straight and even folds. The folder is spring-loaded and fully adjustable. The folder hinges open for maintenance and bag adjustment. Designed for heavy-duty operations Doboy folders are constructed of plate steel.
  • Tape Applicator - The heart of the TFT is the tape applicator and unwind system. Designed specifically for woven bags the tape head applies clear polypropylene tape to secure the folds at speeds unobtainable in other methods of closing. Tape cutoff and placement is precise and dependable.
  • Compression Section - After application by the tape head the tape is compressed to form a strong bond. Bags can be handled immediately upon discharge. The compression roller is fully adjustable for a wide range of bag compositions.
  • Bag Top Control - Full length timing belts grip the bag securely. The use of timing belts dramatically reduce wear and requires very little if any maintenance.
  • Machine Controls - The TFT features an Allen/Bradley PLC ,operator interface and variable frequency drive. All machine controls, settings and alarms are addressable through the HMI. Line control functions are provided for upstream and downstream machine communication.



  • Automatic Tape Splicer
  • Casters
  • Spare parts kit



N/A Specifications subject to change without notice.