Validatable Doboy Band Sealer for Medical and Clean-room Environments.
Unit of Measure



N/A Syntegon


N/A Band

Production Speed

N/A Up to 1000 in/min

Product Range

N/A All heat sealable materials, tube style or gusseted

Sealing Bands

N/A Glass Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

Standard Sealing Width

N/A 0.25 in

Heat Bars

N/A 1 Pair (7.5 in. Long)


N/A Adjustable Pressure Roller

Cooling Bars

N/A 1 Pair of Air Cooled Bars

Main Drive

N/A AC Drive/Frequency Control

Temperature Control

N/A One Precision Digital Control

Equipment Grade

N/A Medical

Machine Dimensions

Vertical Length

N/A 55.5 in

Horizontal Length

N/A 55.5 in

Vertical Width

N/A 26 in

Horizontal Width

N/A 26.5 in
Vertical Height (Variable) Floor to Belt1 N/A 28 to 45.5 in
Horizontal Height (Variable) Floor to Belt2 N/A 31 to 39 in

Vertical Weight

N/A 325 lb

Horizontal Weight

N/A 310 lb



N/A 110 V


N/A 60 Hz

Number of Phase

N/A 1

Outstanding Features

Outstanding Features

N/A Temperature Control
The B-550M features Watlow™ digital controllers with high and low set points combined with externally mounted thermocouples. The B-550M delivers precise control of the sealing process.

Heating and Cooling Bars
Both the heating and cooling bars have a super hard (60 Rockwell™) surface treatment that virtually eliminates wear. Both heating and cooling bars are pneumatically controlled to provide consistent pressure. Air pressure is electronically monitored to assure operation within specified parameters.

Operator Interface/PLC
The heart of the B-550M is the integrated HMI/PLC. All sealing parameters are monitored and fault conditions are displayed. There is a screen for setting the machine speed and a screen for alarm history with date stamp. A digital screen for troubleshooting is also incorporated.

Bag Top Control
Full length 12mm urethane timing belts grip the bag top and provide positive timing and speed control throughout the entire length of the sealer.

AC Frequency Variable Speed Drive
Machine speed can be adjusted from the control panel, with no belts or pulleys to adjust. In addition, the main drive is gear driven, so there are no chains or sprockets to wear out.

Easy Accessibility
Open frame design allows easy access for production and maintenance personnel. The B-550M has been designed to provide rapid band changes, with no tools required. Bands can be replaced in under two minutes!

Sanitary Construction
The main frame components are constructed of stainless steel and aluminum anodized plates, QPQ Melonite and other sanitary materials. The durability of these materials allows the B-550M to meet the demanding requirements of sanitary and sterile applications.



  • Markem Touch Dry Ink Coder
  • Emboss style coder
  • Bag top trimmer
  • Bag counter
  • Light tower
  • Bag top guide
  • High product detection
  • Band break detection
  • Tapered infeed
  • Casters
  • 9 mm or 12 mm seal width
  • 0.87" long x 10" wide width conveyors
  • 220 volt transformer



N/A The B-550M band sealer has the features you want when repeatability and quality are essential to your sterile barrier system.

  • Digital speed control with speeds ranging from 100-1000 inches per minute
  • Speed is monitored via a 500 position encoder for precise control
  • High and low speed alarm set points are established through the HMI
  • Variable speed AC drive and motor for enhanced accuracy and durability
  • Two precision digital temperature controllers
  • Controllers programmable with high and low set points
  • Controllers can be locked out for process security
  • Surface mounted thermocouples for temperature sensing near the contact point on the pouch
  • Temperature ports allow for ongoing process checks without stopping production
  • Air pressure is applied to the heat bars, compression wheels and cooling bars providing control of the complete sealing process
  • Pressure is adjustable via an analog dial
  • Alarm for low pressure
  • Sealing bar gap can be mechanically adjusted to eliminate premature sealing band failure
  • Touchscreen operator interface allows for two user levels with password protection
  • Fault conditions are listed and date stamped

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A Quality. Accuracy. Repeatability

Precision Control for a Precise Process
Designed to meet FDA validation requirements, the B-550M medical sealer regulates, monitors and displays temperature, pressure and speed. The result is a secure, error free seal essential for medical pouches and other sterile packaging.

Validating the B-550M
Terminally sterilized medical device packaging is made easier with Syntegon Packaging Technology as a partner. Count on our experienced staff to help translate ISO 11607-2 requirements to help you develop a sterile barrier system.

Installation Qualification (IQ)
  • Each order includes a one day factory acceptance test (FAT) at our facility. Customer attendance is encouraged, but not required.
  • The FAT will be used to demonstrate critical design specifications and verify function of the equipment.
Operational Qualification (OQ)
  • A machine set up sheet will be provided for each product outlining nominal settings for machine speed, heat bar temperature, and sealing pressure.
  • The set up sheet can then be used to derive high and low settings for each critical parameter.
  • Seals can be tested using our calibrated Instron® peel testing equipment to verify that quality targets are being met.
Performance Qualification (PQ)
  • The B-550M is supplied with a temperature verification port for each of the two sealing bars. These ports enable ongoing process checks without stopping production.
  • The B-550M's PLC monitors machine speed, sealing pressure and heat bar temperature continuously to insure process reliability.
  • Deviations from any validated set point result in a visual alarm and a reversing of the B-550M’s direction of travel to clear potentially flawed seals. The sealer will continue to run in reverse until all parameters have been satisfied.
  • 1 Add 5 in. for casters
  • 2 Add 5 in. for casters