With a super small footprint (only 10' long) and A-B-C's trademark rugged construction, this sealer is built to satisfy your most challenging sealing requirements.
  • Non-stop case feed for reliable, high speed sealing
  • Servo or pneumatic flap tucker for secure flap closing
  • Flexible compression rollers for well-sealed cases
  • Seal with tape or adhesive
Unit of Measure



N/A ABC Packaging

Case Style

N/A Center Special Slotted Container (CSSC) Regular Slotted Case (RSC)


N/A Case Sealers

Electrical Specifications

Primary Voltage

N/A 220 V440 V


N/A 60 Hz

Number of Phase

N/A 3

Industry Standards

N/A National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA 12)

Note for Electrical Specifications

N/A Models available for speeds to 100 cpm.



N/A Nonstop case feed for reliable high speed sealing
Nonstop case feed keeps your line moving at maximum speed. Cases may feed to the sealer back to back or spaced, and the metering belt automatically spaces each case for synchronized flap folding and sealing.

Rotary flap tucker for top performance
Simply smooth is the only way to describe this flap tucker. As each case passes, the tucker automatically rotates to gently and accurately fold the trailing inner flap.

Contoured flap folders close the outer case flaps gently at the scoreline, even when running cases with poor scores. A steel tongue rides between the flaps as they are folded, preventing flap overlap.

NO-CRUSH compression rollers provide secure adhesive sealing and square cases
The compression section has flexible rollers that compress the case flaps securely to provide square, well-sealed cases that run efficiently in automatic palletizing operations.

Tape system designed for maximum uptime
The tape system is externally mounted, for quick and easy roll replacement. An optional "roll empty" sensor stops the sealer as the end of the tape leaves the roll. The attendant simply replaces the tape, and attaches the new roll to the tail of the previous one.

Quality Features

Quality Features

  • Pacer belt infeed feeds cases spaced or back to back
  • Rotating flap tucker folds trailing inner flap
  • Contoured cast aluminum flap folders fold outer flaps
  • Flexible compression rollers provide secure adhesive seal
  • Tape roll is externally mounted for quick replenishment
  • Clear, high visibility guards - electrically interlocked to stop the machine when opened
  • Substantial 1 hp drive motor powers case sealer
  • Adjustable leveling footpads
  • Sealed bearings minimize maintenance
  • Automatic water eliminator keeps air lines dry
  • Quick changeover with rapid-adjust hand cranks
  • Custom built to your line elevation

Optional Features

Optional Features

  • Stainless steel frame construction
  • Gull wing lift up doors



N/A All information in this brochure was current at time of printing, however, in the continuing effort to improve the quality and construction of A-B-C equipment, we reserve the right to make changes without notice.