• Low back pressure
  • Multiple product handling capability
  • 5 minute product change over
  • Loose First-in-first-out Pattern
Unit of Measure



N/A Garvey®


N/A 240 Bottles Per Minute

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A Round Bottles (50 ml - 1 liter)

Round Tapered Flasks (750 ml and 1 liter)

240 bottles per minute

The warm temperatures and high humidity of the Bahamas caused some very unique problems in case packing Bacardi's products. Without a 3 minute curing period after labeling, the labels would shift during case packing, and the defective product would be cased unnoticed. Also, the overall efficiency of the multi-product production line was well below the desired rate. To solve this problem, an accumulation system was designed that could accept bottles from the labeler and pass them through a manual inspection area to a Garvey® Serpen Flo unit. This unit provides a path for bottles to travel in a quasi-first-in-first-out pattern while only occupying about 30% of the available space. All bottles now had a minimum of 3 minutes of travel time before reaching the case packer. In the case of a malfunction, the system also provided approximately 8 minutes of additional storage before the labeler would be required to stop.