• Super Pro 30HM Top and Bottom Adhesive Tape Case Sealers

    The Super Pro 30 A New Industry Standard!

    Simple in design, reliable in operation ... that's how we build case sealers. And, over the years, our commitment to quality has made A-B-C case sealers the standard for industry comparison.

    Now we're setting new standards. Today's Super Pro 30 hot melt sealer is the best ever ... with a new, sleek design and high productivity features to handle your real-world production demands today and in the future.

  • Super Pro 30T Top and Bottom Tape Case Sealers

    Professional quality, heavy-duty case sealer.

    Here's a tape sealer that can handle real-world production demands. It's built tough ... for high speed, three-shift-a-day operation.

    It seals cases squarely and securely, with A-B-C's exclusive case-squaring flight lugs and contoured flap folders. It's sensibly designed with quality components, built into the heavy stainless steel frame, to virtually eliminate downtime for maintenance.

    The Super Pro 30T is built to fulfill your production needs today and in the future.

  • Model 121 Tablock Case Slitters/Sealers

    This 2-in-1 machine automatically slits the tabs of tablock cases, then folds the flaps and seals the case in one continuous operation.

    • High traction belting provides positive case transfer
    • Cast aluminum flap folders ensure secure flap closing
    • Compact, in-line design for easy installation

  • Model 236 Top Case Sealers

    When you need a compact case sealer for your midrange sealing requirements, consider the Model 236- the small case sealer that gives you more.

    • Non-stop case feed for reliable, high speed sealing
    • Packed with quality production features
    • Built to provide years of carefree service and quick change versatility for future requirements

  • Model 436 Top Case Sealers

    With a super small footprint (only 10' long) and A-B-C's trademark rugged construction, this sealer is built to satisfy your most challenging sealing requirements.

    • Non-stop case feed for reliable, high speed sealing
    • Servo or pneumatic flap tucker for secure flap closing
    • Flexible compression rollers for well-sealed cases
    • Seal with tape or adhesive