High-performance X-ray system for upright/tall packages

The Thermo Scientific™ Xpert™ S400 side shoot X-ray Inspection System is a state-of-the art single beam system that is compact in size and easy to install and use. An existing conveyor can be routed through the inspection tunnel and the X-ray source/detector can be adjusted to its height in a matter of hours.

The Xpert™ S400 comes standard with a tall X-ray beam and detector capable of inspecting a broad range of products. X-ray power and detector resolution are chosen to match typical line speeds. A chicane line configuration is available also for tall, light, small diameter products that cannot pass through radiation shielding curtains without tipping over.
Unit of Measure



N/A Thermo Scientific™ Xpert™

Application and X-Ray Specifications

X-Ray Power

N/A 80 kV6 mA480 W

Detector Scan Rate

N/A Up to 2800 lines/sec

Standard Detector Resolution

N/A 0.8 mm

Optional Detector Resolution

N/A 0.4 mm

Detector Areas

N/A Body Bottom Sides Top

Detection Algorithms Available

N/A 1D/2D Contrast Binary Thresholds (Several Types)

Inspection Algorithms Available

N/A General Cap/Bent Can Detection Gross Underfill Other Customizations

Aperture Width and Height

N/A Wide-aperture model available (275 mm/10.8 in) for large products

Belt Speed Range

N/A 5 to 80 m/min16 to 263 ft/min
Conveyor Heights1 N/A 900 mm35.4 in

Conveyor Heights Tolerance (±)

N/A 100 mm3.9 in
Minimum Product Gap2 N/A 10 mm0.4 in

System Length for Straight Configuration with Curtains

N/A 1.8 m5.9 ft

System Length for Chicane Configuration to Curtains

N/A 3.1 m10.2 ft
X-Ray Curtain Material3 N/A Proprietary No-Lead

Safety/Security Features

N/A All Doors Equipped with Magnetic Interlocks Emergency Stops Light-Emitting Diode (LED) X-Ray Imminent/On Lights Radiation Curtains X-Ray Power Key

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

N/A 15-inch Diagonal Touchscreen with Protective Cover
Interface Languages Available4 N/A Chinese English French German Italian Spanish

Environment, Electrical and Operational Specifications

Operating Temperature

N/A 5 to 38 ºC+41 to +104 ºF

Machine Cooling

N/A Built-in 3750 BTU (1100 W) Cabinet Air Conditioner

Non-Condensing Relative Humidity

N/A 20 to 90 %

Digital Outputs

N/A 4 available (one reserved for a rejection device)

Digital Inputs

N/A 6 available (two reserved for photo eyes, one for encoder)
Universal Serial Port (USB) Port5 N/A 2.0

Network Port

N/A Ethernet

Compressed Air Pressure (For Rejection Devices)

N/A 80 to 100 psi5.5 to 6.9 bar
Machine Weight (Standard Model)6 N/A 850 kg1870 lb

Electrical Input

Electrical Input Alternating Current (AC) Voltage

N/A 190 V240 V

Electrical Input Frequency

N/A 50 Hz60 Hz

Electrical Input Current

N/A 20 A

Conformance Tests and Certifications

Radiation Safety Conformance7 N/A Food and Drug Administration Code of Federal Regulations (FDA CFR) 21 Part 1020.40 Ionizing Radiations Regulations (UK IRR 1999) Radio Equipment Directive (RED) Act

Export and Safety

N/A European Conformity (CE) Underwriters Laboratories (UL 508A) in North America

Intrusion Protection Rating

N/A Ingress Protection (IP65)



  • Detects foreign objects in cans, plastic bottles and other upright packages
  • Sophisticated inspection software optimized for the bottom, sidewalls, body and cap regions
  • Inspection of underfilled and dented cans in some applications
  • Up to 900 packages per minute throughput
  • Configurations with/without conveyors and shielding curtains
  • Custom rejection systems available
  • X-ray source and detector can be easily aligned with conveyor height
  • Tall X-ray beam and detector handles a wide range of packages
  • Suitable for dry wipe down and IP65 washdown environments
  • Built-in remote software for troubleshooting and technical assistance
  • 1 Customer supplied or optionally supplied by Thermo Fisher.
  • 2 Required for X-ray acquisition and accurate rejection.
  • 3 Not required in chicane configuration.
  • 4 Others Available on Request.
  • 5 Watertight port on outside of machine.
  • 6 With straight shields.
  • 7 Contact factory for other regional certifications.