The Phoenix PCTA Series Advantage

The PCTA-2000 series provides the same functionality of the portable automatic turntable model with the addition of a powered roller conveyor top and a gravity conveyor. The great advantage of this automatic system is that as soon as the wrapping cycle is completed, the load is automatically moved from the turntable to the gravity conveyor freeing the wrapping zone. The wrapper is now ready to accept a new load while the operator can move the wrapped load to the storage area.
Unit of Measure



N/A Phoenix

Variable Load Handling Wrapping Speed

N/A Up to 12 rpm
Warranty1 N/A 10 Years-Frame 3 Years-All Parts


Up/Down Speeds Carriage

N/A Separate

Top and Bottom Wrap Counters

N/A Separate 1 to 9 Count

Motor Controls

N/A Variable Frequency Drives


Production Speed

N/A Up to 35 Pallets/hours

Maximum Load Size

N/A 50 x 50 x 80 in

Maximum Diagonal Load Size

N/A 71 in

Maximum Load Weight

N/A 4000 lb1814 kg

Service Requirements

Alternating Current (AC) Voltage

N/A 208 to 240 V

Number of Phase

N/A 1


N/A 60 Hz


N/A 20 A

Pneumatic Service Requirements at 80 Pounds Per Square Inch (psi) Pressure

N/A 3 ft³/min



  • Pushbutton Controls
    • The Phoenix Pushbutton Control Panel provides many features most competitors offer as options
    • Including: Independent Variable speed up/down carriage control.
    • Separate 1 to 9 top and bottom wrap selectors.
    • Multiple Wrap Patterns including Wrap Up/Down, Wrap up only and Top Cover Pause.
  • Heavy-Duty Turntable
    • Constant loading and unloading of heavy pallets on the turntable takes it's toll on this most critical element of the machine. Heavy-duty, robust construction and durable components are the choices we make when it comes to this part of the machine.
    • High capacity table support casters containing roller bearings with easy access center grease nipple.
  • Pre-Stretch Carriage
    • A solid design concept both mechanically and electrically for a durable, dependable powered Pre-stretch film carriage with added operator safety in mind!
    • The Phoenix film carriage design allows for the fastest and safest roll change in the industry. Simply open carriage gate, lay the film on the gate, and close the gate. IT'S THAT SIMPLE !
  • Cut & Wipe System
    • The pneumatic controlled cut & wipe system automatically cuts the film and applies the film tail to the load. A timed impulse heat system, cold to the touch in seconds offers a safe cutting system.
    • Pneumatic driven clamp holds the film tail during rotation. The clamp release the film tail at the end of the cycle and once the table stops, the film clamp is activated to close and hold the film for the cutting process.
  • Nothing Beats the Best in Class!
  • Flexible: Meets most Stretch Wrapping Applications and is customized to meet your exact requirements.
  • Fast: Up to 12 RPM stretch wrapping speed. Fastest in its Class.
  • Reduced film usage: Simple yet powerful controls provides flexibility and film savings. Separate 1-9 top and bottom wrap count provides up to 15% Savings.
  • Superior Standard Features: Best in Class Wrapping Flexibility with Pushbutton Control provides all features as standard…. Including those not available (or an upcharge) on competitive models.



N/A Specifications subject to change without notice.
  • 1 Lifetime Warranty on the Pre-Stretch Compound Carriage Rollers