• Nothing Beats the Best in Class!
  • Larger: Equipped to handle up to a 56" x 56" max. load capacity (58 x 58" on PRT-2200)… the largest in its class.
  • Faster: With the fastest wrapping speed in its class, wrap more loads… faster.
  • Built to last: Combining smooth, quiet operation with a structural steel design results in a bullet-proof workhorse that wraps day in and day out.
  • Bigger, Heavier & Faster…Best in Class!
Unit of Measure



N/A Phoenix


N/A Stretch

Wrapping Speed

N/A 12 rpm

Diagonal Load

N/A 73 in

Arm Support Bearing

N/A Flange

Load Weight

N/A Unlimited

Load Height

N/A Up to 80 in

Wrap Tension

N/A Variable

Alternating Current (AC) Voltage

N/A 120 V


N/A 15 A
Warranty1 N/A 10 Years-Frame 3 Years-All Parts

Maximum Load Capacity

N/A 56 x 56 in


3 Wrap Programs

N/A Top Cover Pause Wrap Up & Wrap Up/Down

Up/Down Speeds Carriage

N/A Separate

Top and Bottom Wrap Counters

N/A Separate 1 to 9 Count

Reinforce Wrap Option

N/A Included



  • Film Cost Savings
    • Multiple wrap cycles apply film only where required.
    • Separate up/down speeds save time and up to 10% reduction of stretch film costs.
    • Separate top/bottom wrap selections eliminate wasted revolutions of film.
    • Film saving Logic eliminates film waste.
  • Safety Measures
    • Easy-threading door for safe film access and reloading.
    • Emergency Stop obstruction system for arm rotation.
    • Auto shut-off sensor on Pre-stretch carriage
  • Maintenance Wise
    • Ring Bearing Technology used on gun turrets and tanks has been transferred to our PRT 2150 & 2200 class of wrappers.
    • Maintenance-free carriage guide wheels eliminates binding.
  • Durable Design
    • Rotation Encoder design allows for cycle start and stop anywhere in the rotation.
    • Externally mounted carriage provides easy film loading access.
    • Meets all Cdn & US standards with cUL Approval.
  • 1 Lifetime Warranty on Pre-Stretch Rollers