Complete your end-of-line packaging with confidence.

As your secondary packaging partner, Douglas' capabilities in end-of-line palletizing provides even more value. With deep expertise in system engineering, a continuous drive for meaningful innovation and a customer-driven culture, Douglas is ready to help you take the next step towards seamless integration with Stratum™ robotic palletizing systems.
Unit of Measure



N/A Douglas Stratum™


N/A Robotic

Multi-Picking Product Speed Per Robot

N/A Up to 40 cases/min

Single Pick Product Speed Per Robot

N/A Up to 10 cases/min

Pallet Patterns

N/A Solutions including column stacking, interlocking layers, Fanuc Roboguide pattern development, slip and tier sheets.

Product Size Range

Direction of Travel (Soft Limit)

N/A 4 to 20 in

Vertical (Soft Limit)

N/A 3 to 24 in

Across Machine (Soft Limit)

N/A 6 to 24 in

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A Optimize system designs and take the next step towards seamless integration with the reliable, robust Stratum™ Palletizer. Easily integrated to Douglas packaging and cartoning equipment, Stratum™ dispenses and conveys pallets, places slip and tier sheets, stages cases and utilizes robotics to palletize cases.



  • Pick and place of single or multiple cases, including an entire row
  • Capable of single-in/single-out or multi-in/multi-out configurations
  • Multiple infeed/discharge configurations available
  • Optional integration of third party stretch wrappers
  • Allen-Bradley HMI interface
  • Multiple robot models available based on speed, payload and reach
  • Design configurations optimize robot utilization, case handling and pallet handling
  • Slip sheet and tier sheet capability
  • Guarding fence with integrated light curtains and safety switches
  • Pallet delivery options including conveyance and dispensers
Creative Solutions, Advanced Automation
End of arm tooling options
End of arm tooling (EOAT) is designed to suit both the incoming product and pick requirements. Dependent on the application and robot utilization, EOAT functionality may include:
  • Pallet picking and placement into the pallet build station
  • Pick and placement of slip sheets, tier sheets or top caps
Pallet Dispenser
Automatic pallet dispensers provide pallet accumulation and delivery, offering convenience, space saving and supply to one or multiple lines.
  • Dispenser holds 12-15 pallets
  • Magazine can be reloaded while the machine is running
  • Up to 90 pallets per hour are dispensed
  • Automated system eliminates the need for the operator to manually intervene with each pallet
  • Great flexibility and increased functionality with independent HMI and start/stop capabilities



N/A Specification limits may not be available in all combinations and are subject to change without notice.