Production Proven Mid-Range Carton Former Delivering All the Reliability of High End Formers.
Unit of Measure



N/A Syntegon

Product Handled Ranges

Minimum Formed Carton Length

N/A 102 mm4.0 in

Maximum Formed Carton Length

N/A 432 mm17.0 in

Minimum Formed Carton Width

N/A 76 mm3.0 in

Maximum Formed Carton Width

N/A 330 mm13.0 in

Minimum Formed Carton Depth

N/A 25 mm1.0 in

Maximum Formed Carton Depth

N/A 152 mm6.0 in

Minimum Carton Blank Length

N/A 126 mm4.9 in

Maximum Carton Blank Length

N/A 655 mm25.8 in

Minimum Carton Blank Width

N/A 152 mm6.0 in

Maximum Carton Blank Width

N/A 736 mm29.0 in

Production Speed for Glue Style

N/A Up to 35 cpm

Production Speed for Lock Style

N/A Up to 45 cpm

Magazine Capacity for 20 Minute Run Time

N/A 380 mm15 in


Alternating Current (AC) Voltage

N/A 230 V


N/A 60 Hz

Number of Phase

N/A 3


N/A 20 A

Mechanical Dimensions

Frame Width

N/A 1300 mm51.1 in


N/A 2400 mm94.5 in

Forming Head Blank Height

N/A 900 mm35.4 in



  • Open, formed frame for minimal vibration
  • Modular construction for easy adjustment access, maintenance and cleaning
  • Full shrouding to minimize dust and provide operator safety

Drive and Control

Drive and Control

  • Variable speed inverter drive for trouble-free timing between picker arms and reciprocal forming heads
  • PLC for accurate gluing patterns with 16 recipe menu for fast changeover
  • Keypad operator interface for simple product setup and troubleshooting

Carton Blank Magazine

Carton Blank Magazine

  • Large capacity carton blank magazine with locking stack pusher and inclined carton advance assist
  • Fully adjustable magazine with loading access on three sides

Carton Transport and Forming

Carton Transport and Forming

  • Production proven, patented unique S-cam, carton blank transport
  • Positive four side control at pick-off
  • Spring loaded vacuum cup pick-off assembly to compensate for material variance
  • Nordson® hot melt glue system with accurate adhesive application and patterns
  • No blank, no adhesive photo-eye detection
  • Spring loaded forming cavity to compensate for material variances and assure even compression and sealing of carton flaps

Safety, Documentation, and Support

Safety, Documentation, and Support

  • Electrical overload protection to drive mechanisms
  • See through hinged guarding doors with safety interlocks
  • Complete, detailed permanent record documentation and manuals

Key Features

Key Features

N/A The unique carton blank transport mechanism, providing positive blank control from magazine picking through forming head placement, can provide up to a 330 mm (13.0") of accurate uninterrupted hot melt application, controlling carton blank position, distance and velocity while applying hot melt.

Available Options

Available Options

  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Additional Forming Heads
  • Adhesive System Options
  • Discharge Conveyors
  • Auto Demand Photo Eye
  • Non Attendant Package
  • Extended Leg Kits
  • Spare Parts Kit
  • Casters
  • Special Power Requirements

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A Speed is dependent on carton, material and size. Contact our sales support to determine maximum cycle speed for your application.



N/A Technical information is subject to change without notice.