The compact Kliklok ITC neatly combines three packaging processes into one: carton forming, product loading, and carton closing, complementing the Syntegon packaging portfolio.

The ITC is designed to pack flow wraps, roll wraps, and tablets. It offers the perfect solution for the bakery and confectionery industry and is particularly suited to products like cereal bars, chocolate bars, biscuits, muffins and cupcakes.
Unit of Measure



N/A Syntegon
Production Speed1 N/A Up to 80 cpm

Shipping Weight

N/A 2800 kg6173 lb

Industry Standards

N/A European Conformity (CE)

Operating Requirements

Power Consumption

N/A 55 kV·A

Air Flow

N/A 708 L/min25 ft³/min5.5 bar80 psi

Carton Dimensions

Minimum Carton Length

N/A 86 mm3.38 in

Maximum Carton Length

N/A 345 mm13.58 in

Minimum Carton Width

N/A 68 mm2.67 in

Maximum Carton Width

N/A 220 mm8.66 in

Minimum Carton Depth

N/A 23 mm0.9 in

Maximum Carton Depth

N/A 150 mm5.9 in

Product Dimensions

Minimum Product Length

N/A 40 mm1.57 in

Maximum Product Length

N/A 200 mm7.87 in

Minimum Product Width

N/A 15 mm0.59 in

Maximum Product Width

N/A 120 mm4.72 in

Minimum Product Depth

N/A 6 mm0.23 in

Maximum Product Depth

N/A 50 mm1.96 in

Standard Features

Standard Features

  • Integrated forming, loading, closing
  • Infeed product collation chain accepting up to 550 ppm input
  • Pick and Place Delta robot
  • Carton forming and closing up to 80 cpm
  • Product infeed conveyor with reject function
  • Product collating unit
  • Carton outfeed discharge belt
  • Control system (Beckhoff ) and HMI4.0
  • Linear servo technology (XTS)
  • Integrated hot melt glue system
  • Hygienic Design Level 1 - Wipe down

Optional Features

Optional Features

  • Dual infeed configuration
  • Alternative carton styles
  • Active carton squaring device
  • R.F.I.D. tagging of format parts



N/A Single Integrated Machine
The Kliklok ITC takes complete control of the carton - from forming to finished package - by combining three separate machines and connecting conveyors into one unit. The ergonomic design of the ITC features the HMI, carton hopper, and glue tank on one side of the machine for easy operator access. Finished cartons leave the ITC in the same direction as incoming product, reducing space needed for product conveying.

Compact Footprint
The ITC boasts one of the highest speeds available for a solution with such a small footprint, and has a large carton size range. This allows manufacturers to save production space and increase production output without compromising on quality.

Robotic Loading
The proven Syntegon Delta robot provides automatic loading of products. The Delta robot is able to track the carton transport system and load products 'on the move' - an advantage over 2-axis robots which can only load stationary cartons.

Production Line Flexibility
The ITC's carton and robotic tooling changeover can be accomplished in less than 15 minutes with change part numbering system and the use of toolless jigs. Product lines can be switched from one size carton to another with minimal downtime.

Lock or Glue Form Cartons
The ITC offers the option of either lock or hot melt glue carton forming, in a variety of different carton styles, giving you the flexibility to adapt to changeable marketing demands.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Single integrated unit - 3 machines in 1
  • Small footprint
  • Quick size change
  • Large carton size and style range



N/A An individual carton combining multiple minimum or maximum dimensions may not be compatible with the standard system.
  • 1 Variable
    Actual speed depends on machine configuration, product and carton size and carton style. Ask Kliklok about meeting higher speed requirements.