Cutting and packaging in sealed packs at high output - Up to 1600 packs per minute
Unit of Measure



N/A Syntegon

Technical Specifications


N/A 18 to 120 mm


N/A 12 to 30 mm


N/A 2 to 18 mm

Minimum Package Dimensions

N/A 40 x 15 mm

Maximum Package Dimensions

N/A 200 x 50 mm


N/A Up to 1600 pieces/min

Machine Dimensions

Machine Length

N/A 2433 mm

Machine Width

N/A 1384 mm

Machine Height

N/A 1640 mm

Packaging Material, Packages, and Products

Roll Core Diameter

N/A 76 mm

Optional Roll Core Diameter

N/A 70 mm

Maximum Reel Exterior Diameter

N/A 400 mm

Packaging Material

N/A All machine-passable hot and cold sealable web materials can be processed. The quality of the web material has a direct bearing on the output and efficiency of the machine and the package quality. Heat-sealable films such as PET/CPP laminate, coated BOPP films, coated cellulose films.


N/A The pack dimensions can be independent of the product dimensions.

Product Type

  • Dairy toffee masses
  • Chewing candy masses
  • Chewing gum masses
  • Hard sugar masses

Product Shapes

N/A The cross-section is governed by the shaping performed by the forming rollers.

Field of Applications

Field of Applications

N/A Cutting and packaging of soft and hard sugar masses, chewing candy and chewing gum masses.
Resettable to plate feeding for formed candy (optional).



  • Coding device
  • Web tracking control
  • Ejection of incomplete and/or empty packs
  • Rejection of spliced packs and packs with an offset imprint.
  • Vacuum discharge of empty packs. Additional heater in the area of the longitudinal seam.
  • Table cooling in the longitudinal sealing area.
  • Optional teleservice.
  • Additional equipment for "on-site combination" of the plate feed with a cutting device for sugar ropes.
  • Systems for the ejection of defective packs, increasing the efficiency, and systems for process monitoring.

Innovative Control System and High Reliability

Innovative Control System and High Reliability

  • Control System
    • Soft PLC and HMI integrated into an IPC based on Windows CE.
    • Data highway technology.
    • Ethernet connection.
    • Software-controlled multi-zone temperature control.
  • Safety
    • Guards secured by sensors.
    • Lug chain with guards and security features.
    • Monitoring of the pneumatic system.
    • Monitoring of the heating circuits.
    • All valves 24 V.
    • All heaters 42 V
    • Electric system complying with EN 60204
    • Control cabinet to IP 55, Touchpanel to IP 65
    • Status lamp for fault, run mode and operator intervention.
    • Various operator levels in the Touchpanel.
    • Sealing rollers park in open position.
    • Overload protection at the cross-seam sealing station.
  • Operation
    • Size management via a color TFT touch screen.
    • Menu-guided operation.
    • Detailed error messaging in plain text with graphic support.
    • Language selection.
    • Fault history.
    • Fault diagnosis of the inputs and outputs via touch screen.
    • Process data acquisition (performance statistics), 99 sizes storable.
  • Service and Maintenance
    • All transmissions used (for the main drive, inserter, longitudinal sealing station) are permanently lubricated and are designed with low backlash.
    • Use of maintenance-free timing belt drives.
    • Lug chain in duplex version.
    • Deviating rollers completely sealed.
    • Completely enclosed slip ring system, with twin bearing for long operating life.
    • Forming shoe detachable by means of rapid-action fasteners, front chain section removable, easy access to the main transmission.
    • Easy replacement of the sealing rollers and heating cartridges.
    • Just a few moving parts and easy accessibility to the drive assembly.
    • The use of an additional pair of forming rollers is optional.
    • Good accessibility for cleaning and maintenance.
    • Precise setting of the rope height through precision adjustment of the forming rollers, easily changeable size parts for the rope width.
    • Excellent accessibility because the forming rollers have a rapid unlocking and rapid fastening device.

Efficient Combination of Rope Feed and Rope Cutting

Efficient Combination of Rope Feed and Rope Cutting

  • Rope Feed:
    • Drive of the forming roller pairs is performed via a frequency-controlled separate three-phase motor for infinitely variable adjustment of the product lengths and for uniform rope is conveyance.
    • Wear-resistant materials and coatings for all rope-guiding components.
    • Rope monitoring between the forming rollers and rope cutter.
  • Rope Cutting:
    • Oscillating cutter for a straight, smooth cut - integrated stripper on the cutter.
    • Upon cutting, transfer of the product is effected into the short duplex feed chain with a sufficient dwell time for shape stabilization prior to transfer into the packaging material Tube
    • Constant lubrication of the cutter drive, splash lubrication - no oil circulation.
    • High cutter tool life and anti- adhesion properties due to the special coating.
    • Integrated components for optional water cooling of the rope cutter.

Additional Information

Additional Information

  • Easy size changes due to infinitely variable adjustment of product lengths, heights and pack lengths, as well as rapidly changeable parts for changing the product and pack widths.
  • Large size ranges covered. High output without changing the cross-sealing rollers or feed chain.
  • Solid product-contact components for constant production conditions after size changes.
  • Possibility of on-site combination of the rope feed with our insertion system for preformed candy.
  • Automatic roll changing at end of roll and with web tear monitoring.
  • Easy operator control and size management via touch screen.