High performance metal detection for conveyor and drop through applications

The Thermo Scientific™ APEX 500 Metal Detector delivers high sensitivity and an extensive feature set enabling you to protect your brand, comply with retailer codes of practice and meet legal requirements. With the APEX 500 metal detector in your production line, you can quickly and completely achieve your quality goals, protect expensive downstream production equipment and be assured your production shipments are free from any unwanted metallic foreign objects.

Thermo Scientific™ APEX 500 Metal Detector combined with one of many possible regional conveyor designs.
Unit of Measure



N/A Apex™ Thermo Scientific™

Application and Metal Detection Specifications

Frequency1 N/A 50 to 460 kHz

Foot Pattern and Aperture Placement

N/A Varies by Aperture Size and Orientation
Aperture Width2 N/A 50 to 1750 mm
Aperture Height3 N/A 50 to 900 mm


N/A Stainless steel 304 straight-lined case and ABS plastic front panel

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

N/A Backlit Display and Touch Panel with Icons/Help Text

Product Speed

N/A 0.5 to 1000 m/min1.7 to 3300 ft/min

Output Allocation (Software Selectable)

N/A Alarm AuditCheck™ Fault QA Lamp Reject 1 Reject 2 Warning

Number of Inputs

N/A 6
Active Direct Current (DC) Input Voltage4 N/A 12 V

Input Allocation (Software Selectable)

N/A External Alarm External Reset External Suppression Infeed PEC Keylock Product Select 1 Product Select 2 Reject Confirmation 1 and Bin Full Speed Sensor

Communications Options

N/A Ethernet Modules ModBus Serial

Help-Text Languages

N/A Brazilian Portuguese Chinese Czech English French German Italian Korean Polish Russian Spanish Thai

Output Types

Number of Output Relays

N/A 6

Alternating Current (AC) Output Relay Voltage

N/A 250 V

Maximum Output Relay Alternating Current (AC)

N/A 2 A

Direct Current (DC) Output Relay Voltage

N/A 50 V

Maximum Output Relay Direct Current (DC)

N/A 1 A

Environment, Electrical and Operational Specifications

Metal Detector Ambient Temperature

N/A -10 to +40 ºC+14 to +104 ºF

Product Temperature in Aperture

N/A -10 to 55 ºC14 to 131 ºF

Product Temperature in Aperture (Kynar® Liner Option)

N/A -10 to 120 ºC14 to 248 ºF
Maximum Washdown Temperature5 N/A 80 ºC176 ºF

Non-Condensing Relative Humidity

N/A 20 to 80 %

Electrical Supply

Electrical Alternating Current (AC) Supply Voltage6 N/A 80 to 260 V
Electrical Supply Phase7 N/A 1

Electrical Supply Frequency

N/A 47 to 65 Hz

Maximum Electrical Supply Power

N/A 100 W

Conformance Tests and Certifications

Protection Ratings

N/A Ingress Protection (IP69K)

Export and Safety

N/A Atmospheres Explosible (ATEX) Zone 22 cCSAus European Conformity (CE)

Manufacturing Quality

N/A International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9001) Certified

AuditCheck™ Performance Verification System

AuditCheck™ Performance Verification System

N/A In bulk applications where material is moving rapidly, it's difficult to periodically test a metal detector by inserting test pieces in the product flow. This is where the AuditCheck™ option comes in. AuditCheck™ automatically passes an air-driven test shuttle through the metal detector and compares both the magnetic and conductive signals to calibrated levels. This operation goes far beyond a simple go/no-go test. Because signal levels are measured and compared to acceptable levels, problems can be identified before they happen. Since the AuditCheck™ is integral to the Apex™ software, it is failsafe and a complete record of all tests is available for full traceability.



  • Automatic performance verification with AuditCheck™
  • Mounting conversion kits to make installation easy
  • Field compression flanges to minimize the metal-free zone
  • Remote-control panel
  • Modbus serial and Ethernet communications
  • Alarm and fault output packages and reject indicators/reset switches
  • Washdown isolation transformers to shield the metal detector from power line problems
  • Thermo Scientific™ conveyor systems designed locally to your specifications



  • Multi-coil design with high sensitivity and low false rejects
  • Dual frequency /dual gain operation for application flexibility
  • Intellitrack XR (IXR) advanced signal processing software
  • Available in a wide range of aperture sizes to optimize performance
  • Standard epoxy-lined aperture and stainless steel case
  • IP69K washdown rated to minimize the cost of ownership
  • All construction materials FDA approved
  • Easy to install with all electronics integral to the metal detector
  • Unique icon-driven interface with multilingual Help and Auto Learn functions
  • 1 One or two configured in the factory or by service in the field.
  • 2 Not all combinations possible; contact Thermo Fisher for details.
  • 3 Not all combinations possible; contact Thermo Fisher for details.
  • 4 Auxiliary supply for input sensors, NPN sinking.
  • 5 Optional Kynar® liner cannot be washdown.
  • 6 Plus Earth Ground.
  • 7 Plus Earth Ground.