The Pack 301 Long Dwell horizontal flow wrapper produces hermetically sealed packages with speeds of up to 150 packages a minute. Although the Pack 301 LD can be used for the packaging of a wide range of products, it is especially ideal for fresh, perishable goods as well as products packaged in thicker film like most medical goods. The Pack 301 LD mechanics and controls can be adapted for simple hand fed operation or for fully automated medium-speed wrapping.
Unit of Measure



N/A Syntegon


N/A Horizontal Flow

Product Dimensions

Minimum Product Length

N/A 60 mm2.36 in

Maximum Product Length

N/A 565 mm22.2 in

Minimum Product Width

N/A 30 mm1.18 in

Maximum Product Width

N/A 220 mm8.7 in

Minimum Product Height

N/A 6 mm0.23 in

Maximum Product Height

N/A 110 mm4.3 in

Film Reel Specifications

Maximum Reel Diameter

N/A 400 mm15.75 in

Maximum Film Width

N/A 450 mm17.70 in

Optional Maximum Film Width

N/A 650 mm25.6 in

Maximum Reel Weight

N/A 35 kg77 lb

Inner Core Diameter

N/A 70 mm76 mm2.76 in2.99 in

Film Sealing Specifications

Fin Seal Height

N/A 11 mm14 mm20 mm0.4 in0.6 in0.8 in

Cross Seal Width

N/A 25 mm0.98 in

Cross Seal Length

N/A 240 mm9.45 in


Maximum Capacity

N/A 150 ppm

Maximum Film Speed

N/A 40 m/min1,575 in/min


Standard Voltage

N/A 208 to 240 V


N/A 50 Hz60 Hz

Number of Phase

N/A 3


N/A +5 %-10 %


N/A 15 A

Direct Current (DC) Control Circuit Voltage

N/A 24 V


Minimum Pneumatic Pressure

N/A 6 bar80 psi


N/A RAL 9006

Industry Standards for Color

N/A Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Approved

Working Height

N/A 650 mm850 mm930 mm25.6 in33.5 in36.6 in

Optional Features

Optional Features

  • Self-centering film reel holders
  • Low film detection
  • Automatic film splicer
  • Splice with knives
  • Automatic film tracking correction
  • Coder mounting
  • Pre-heat bars
  • Air evacuation device for tight packages
  • Separate drive on first set of finwheels to prevent wrinkles
  • Mechanical gusseting
  • Air gusseting
  • Delta hole punch/Euro hole
  • No product - no bag feature
  • No gap - no seal feature
  • Empty bag blow off
  • Adjustable former
  • Seal pressure indication
  • Vacuum on discharge belt
  • 650 mm backstand
  • Discharge rejects



  • Stainless steel product contact parts
  • 2 film reel holders
  • Manual splice table
  • Film brake control
  • Film registration
  • Easily exchangeable former
  • 3 sets of finwheels built in separate hygienic housings
  • Adjustable cantilevered finwheels
  • 1 set of long dwell sealing jaws
  • Constant seal time, independent of machine speed
  • 'Product between jaws' detection function-no jam detection

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A Hermetically sealed packages
  • Long dwell sealing times of up to 1 second ensure hermetically sealed packages
  • Seal time independent of machine speed guarantees constant sealing conditions at all times
  • Independent temperature control of top and bottom sealing jaws creates optimal sealing conditions
  • Numerous sealing options available, including: gusseting, gas flush (modified atmosphere packaging), pre-heating
High uptime
  • No jam feature - automatic detection of product between cross-sealing jaws prevents jamming, minimizing cleaning time and reducing downtime
  • Photocell for film register control
  • Optional automatic film splicing eliminates downtime replacing film rolls
Low total operating cost
  • Designed with the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) principle to simplify maintenance and maximize uptime
  • Toolless knife change
  • Incorporates minimal parts to increase reliability, streamline maintenance, and allow for greater adaptability
  • Optional no product, no bag feature reduces film waste