The Pack Feeder 4 infeed solutions offer cost-effective operation while ensuring efficient performance. This portfolio of feeding systems is ideal for handling bakery and confectionery items such as biscuits, chocolate and bar-type products, as well as products in plastic, cardboard trays, and non-food products. The feeders are available in various layouts and lengths in order to meet individual production needs.
Unit of Measure



N/A Syntegon

Product Dimensions

Minimum Product Width (Aligning Module)

N/A 15 mm0.6 in

Maximum Product Width (Aligning Module)

N/A 100 mm3.9 in

Minimum Product Length (Infeed Module)

N/A 40 mm1.5 in

Maximum Product Length (Infeed Module)

N/A 350 mm13.8 in

Minimum Product Width for Split Belts (Infeed Module)

N/A 20 mm0.8 in

Maximum Product Width for Split Belts (Infeed Module)

N/A 250 mm9.8 in

Minimum Product Width for Side Belts (Infeed Module)

N/A 15 mm0.6 in

Maximum Product Width for Side Belts (Infeed Module)

N/A 80 mm3.1 in

Maximum Product Height (Infeed Module)

N/A 5 mm0.2 in

Minimum Product Height (Infeed Module)

N/A 60 mm2.4 in


Maximum Chain Speed

N/A 80 m/min3.1 in/min

Maximum Belt Speed

N/A 120 m/min4.7 in/min

Product Handling Modules

Product Handling Modules

  • Pre-turning
  • Aligning
  • Buffering
  • Cardsheet feeding

Optional Features

Optional Features

  • Active belt tracking
  • Extra small nose roller 10 mm (16 mm standard)
  • Visual inspection of running belts (clear front covers)
  • Vacuum at both belt ends
  • Long vacuum chamber along the length of the belt to keep product in positon
  • Cooled deck plates for temperature sensitive products
  • Extended nose section for integration of 3rd party equipment
  • Remote start/stop/E-stop function
  • Interlock on crumb trays

Standard Features

Standard Features

  • Fully servo driven belts
  • Tool less product change
  • Manual belt tracking
  • Tool-less side guide adjustment (range 15–250 mm)
  • Hinged top and side guides
  • Optimized guide lengths to minimize adjustment
  • Tool-less top guide adjustment (range 5–50 mm)
  • Consistent belt tensioning
  • Easy photo eye adjustment
  • Crumb trays
  • Belt scrapers on backbreaking rollers
  • Fixed rise point pusher
  • Fast removable belts for easy cleaning

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A Reliable operation
The Pack Feeder 4 portfolio can support high production volumes with belt speeds of up to 120 meters per minute. With their reliability and robustness, the feeders can be operated on a 24/7 basis even at high output levels. Thanks to the modular design, in combination with standardized interfaces, the feeders can be easily and rapidly integrated with machines in Syntegon’s wrapper portfolio such as the Pack 401 and Pack 201 HS.

To ensure quality packages, the Pack Feeder 4 offers consistent belt tensioning and easy photo eye adjustment. Active belt tracking and visual inspection of running belts are some of the optional features that increase the operating efficiency.

Maximum Uptime
In order to ensure quick product changeovers and minimal downtime, top and side guides on the feeders can be rapidly adjusted without tools. The gear-free belt drive offers reliable operation and the hinged side guides allow for easy product jam removal. This improves the overall efficiency and reduces the total cost of ownership.

Easy Cleaning
Easy access and cleaning were considered early on in the design of the feeders. The feeders incorporate crumb trays which can easily be removed for cleaning during production. All belt units, nose roller units and deck plates can easily and quickly be disassembled and removed without tools. The integration of wire ways in the frame eliminates a common source of contamination. All of these easy cleaning features reduce downtime and increase in efficiency.

Tool-less changeovers



N/A The total length (including machine) varies from 5.5 (18') to 9.5 (31') meters.