Placing your production into trays with vision-guided high-speed Delta Robots.
Unit of Measure



N/A Syntegon
Small Foot-Print Size1 N/A 2 x 2 m6.5 x 6.5 ft

Product Handled Ranges

Minimum Length

N/A 20 mm0.8 in

Maximum Length

N/A 150 mm6 in

Minimum Width

N/A 15 mm0.6 in

Maximum Width

N/A 120 mm4.7 in

Minimum Height

N/A 1 mm0.04 in

Maximum Height

N/A 60 mm2.4 in

Minimum Weight

N/A 10 g0.022 lb

Maximum Weight

N/A 1 kg2.2 lb

Blister or Tray Minimum Length

N/A 60 mm2.4 in

Blister or Tray Maximum Length

N/A 305 mm12 in

Blister or Tray Minimum Width

N/A 45 mm1.75 in

Blister or Tray Maximum Width

N/A 150 mm6 in

Blister or Tray Minimum Height

N/A 10 mm0.4 in

Blister or Tray Maximum Height

N/A 100 mm4 in

Available Options

Available Options

  • Multiple Delfi Top Loaders in series
  • Rotation of the product to the correct orientation during the pick and place
  • Double-Head Tray Denester: adjustable or nonadjustable to different tray sizes
  • Secondary Blister Transport for Delfi Top Loaders in series
  • Convenient Dallas key operator authentication with data protection and programmable security levels
  • Stainless steel construction
  • HMI swing arm

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • Fast and Versatile
    • Up to 260 ppm per 2-robot cell
    • Simple integration into existing or new lines
  • Maximum Flexibility
    • No tool product change-over in 5 minutes with inexpensive change parts
    • Delicate product handling with vacuum cup end-effectors or light-touch mechanical grippers to pick up almost any kind of product
    • Randomly positioned products are picked and placed with precision
    • Adapts to changes in production flow
    • Ability to control 24 axis of motion from one controller for multi-robot cell
    • Vision system incorporating pattern recognition utilizing geometry to quickly locate objects with extreme accuracy
  • Low Maintenance Robotics
    • Designed for 3 shifts/day operation
    • Fixed position motors and no bending wires for longer life and higher speeds
    • Composite materials for strength and long life
    • No lubricants and no gear boxes above product supply
    • Robot arms are collapsible and remountable in 2 minutes
  • Color Touch Screen HMI
    • Intuitively menu driven windows to set-up, change-over and run different production configurations
  • Product Input Requirement
    • Belt conveyor interfacing Delfi standard belt widths of 800 mm or 1300 mm
  • Experience
    • Global application experience with over 1000 parallel axis Delta Robots in production today
    • In-house design and manufacturing of the three major components: Controller, Robot, End-Effector
    • PMMI certified training programs to assure faster return on your investment
    • Extensive parts and technical support by Syntegon Packaging Services

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A Robot speed is dependent on product size and weight. Not all products that fit in the product range can be packed at the maximum cycle speed. Check with sales support to determine the maximum cycle speed for your application.



N/A Technical information is subject to change without notice.
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