The Paloma-D2 pick-and-place Delta Robot aligns and places products into cartons, cases or trays. Its stainless steel construction meets hygiene standards and regulations for food handling. Fast production changeovers of less than 5 minutes are made possible with its Gemini 3 software and tool-free changeable form sets.
Unit of Measure



N/A Syntegon

Product Types


N/A Doy-Style Bags Pillow Bags Pouches


N/A Opaque Thermoformed Transparent


N/A Multi-Pack Single Product


N/A Multi-Stream Single

Product Dimensions

Minimum Length

N/A 50 mm

Maximum Length

N/A 300 mm

Minimum Width

N/A 25 mm

Maximum Width

N/A 200 mm

Minimum Height

N/A 5 mm

Maximum Height

N/A 120 mm

Output Types

Carton Conveyor

N/A Display Half Slotted Regular Bottom Regular Slotted

Flowpack (Output Types)

N/A Optional

Side Loader

N/A Optional

Simple Belt Conveyor

N/A Optional

Container Range

Minimum Box or Case Length

N/A 120 mm

Maximum Box or Case Length

N/A 610 mm

Minimum Box Width

N/A 100 mm

Maximum Box Width

N/A 420 mm

Minimum Box Height

N/A 25 mm

Maximum Box Height

N/A 400 mm

Robot Type


N/A C33 Rb40 SP07
Typical Fore-Arm Length1 N/A Lb770

Working Volume

N/A Diameter 1000 Z300 (Typical)
Other Volume in Option Up to Diameter 1200 mm or Z430 mm

Air Flow

Nominal Pressure

N/A 0.6 MPa6 bar
Air Consumption2 N/A 22.5 m³/h

Electrical Specifications

Number of Phase

N/A 3
Voltage3 N/A 230 V


N/A 60 Hz
Electrical Consumption4 N/A 6 kV·A

Washdown Specifications

Ingress Protection

N/A Ingress Protection (IP65) Up to 1.5 m
Ingress Protection (IP54) Over 1.5 m (Splashproof)

Washdown Standard

N/A EN 1672-2 Up to 1.5 m

Machine Material

N/A Stainless Steel (Beadblasted)

Cadences and Speeds

Speed with Two Arms5 N/A Up to 200 products/min

Speed with Three Arms

N/A Up to 290 products/min



  • Wide Variety of Applications
    • Fresh foods
    • Chilled or frozen foods
    • Non-foods
  • Ideal for Wash Down Applications
    • Stainless steel construction is standard
    • Meets many current hygiene standards and regulations for food processing
    • Quick cleaning with ingress protection rating of IP65 up to 1.5 meters high and splash proof area of IP54 above 1.5 meters


Flexible Packaging Styles

  • Pre-packaged, wrapped or thermoformed trayed products are picked and placed into cartons, cases or trays
  • Vision control system assures that even misaligned products can be placed with precision, thus there is no need for any additional intermediate infeed process
  • Vacuum cup or light-touch mechanical gripper end effectors ensure gentle product handling
  • Standard 3-axis arms can be extended to a fourth movement axis when product rotation is necessary

Efficient Operation

  • Available with 1, 2 or 3 arms, the Paloma-D2 Delta Robot picks products at speeds up to 290 products per minute
  • Gemini 3 software allows simulation of new production processes or products on a virtual machine resulting in short installation times
  • Easy to use color touch screen HMI comes with standard languages of English, French, German and Spanish

Five Minute Product Changeovers

  • Tool-free changeable end effectors
  • Recipe storage and recall of all individual parameters
  • 3D simulation of new pack patterns or optimization of existing patterns is possible while the machine operates
  • 1 Other length in option
  • 2 3 robots in single pick, blowing 50 ms
  • 3 Other power options
  • 4 2 or 3 robot cell, 1 vacuum pump
  • 5 Typical application with bags 160 p/min, 600 mm path/100 g