Created to meet the high-performance weighing requirements of today's demanding food and packaging industry, the Thermo Scientific™ Versa Rx Checkweigher delivers reliability, accuracy, and low cost of ownership no matter what the application. Combining the proven, powerful controller system of the Thermo Scientific™ Global VersaWeigh line of checkweighers with an all new design, the Versa Rx checkweigher sets new standards of excellence for accuracy and reliability.
Unit of Measure



N/A Thermo Scientific™

Weighing Range

N/A 2 to 500 g

Production Line Rate Using Slack Band

N/A Up to 550 ppm

Production Line Rate Using Taut Band

N/A 300 ppm
Typical Accuracy (±)1 N/A 50 mg

Operating Temperature

N/A -10 to +40 ºC-14 to +122 ºF

Non-Condensing Relative Humidity

N/A 20 to 50 %

Slack Band Weight Range

N/A 2 to 300 g0.07 to 10.57 oz

Taut Band Weight Range

N/A 10 to 500 g0.35 to 17.62 oz

Air Supply Pressure

N/A 5.5 bar80 psi600 kPa

Line Height

N/A 625 to 1000 mm24.6 to 39.4 in

Electrical Supply

Electrical Alternating Current (AC) Supply Voltage

N/A 115 V230 V

Electrical Supply Frequency

N/A 50 Hz60 Hz

Electrical Supply Current

N/A 15 A



N/A The Versa Rx checkweigher can be equipped with optional features including rejects and reject verification option, advanced statistics and reports, communications (Modbus), Feedback Filler Control and infeed in/out-feed product transfers for optimal package handling and production performance.

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • Weighs tubes, bottles, pouches or cartons
  • High production rates
  • Ultra high accuracy to better than ±50 mg at 3 sigma
  • Superior quality assurance tool designed to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards
  • Flexibility-sachets, blister packs, cartons, plastic bottles, glass bottles, pouches and small aerosols
  • Easy to maintain
  • Sanitary design protects drive parts from contamination from spilled product
  • Offers two types of conveyor systems-traditional taut belt or slack-belt system
  • Rejects and verification option

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A Unique closed cabinet slack/taut band checkweigher for the most demanding small/light package applications

The Versa Rx is ideal for a variety of products - from candy bars, dried soups and toothpaste to hardware, ball bearings and ammunition.

With its single, brushless motor drive, the Versa Rx handles high-rate lines with ease and unparalleled accuracy. It is capable of weighing products from 2 g to 500 g at rates up to 550 ppm. The Versa Rx checkweigher ensures high accuracy performance to better than ±50 mg at 3 sigma depending on pack size and application.

Engineered for low maintenance, the Versa Rx features a monoblock weighing section and drive parts that are protected from wear and from contamination by product spillage. To ensure product handling stability, a closed cabinet design section eliminates all external influences such as drafts. A high quality load cell further enhances the stability of product handling. The knife-edge feature transfer section helps to handle unstable objects for greater accuracy.



N/A On Slack Band models dimension A is a full weighing section, but weightable size can be from 50 mm to 250 mm. Belt width 25 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm or 100 mm. On Taut Band models, the belt width is 80 mm or 140 mm.
  • 1 At 3 Sigma (Product/Speed Dependent).