Reliable general purpose checkweighing systems.

Improve efficiency and profitability with checkweighers designed for better accuracy and faster speeds and suitable for any application in food, beverage or pharmaceuticals.

The Thermo Scientific™ Global VersaWeigh™ and Global Versa GP checkweighers are designed to improve accuracy and reliability, decreasing maintenance, product giveaway and total cost of ownership. Our global manufacturing and service teams enable a high level of solutions and service support wherever you do business.
Over 10 engineering and functionality improvements over previous technology deliver systems with peak performance and draw from more than 50 years of experience in checkweigher design and use.
Unit of Measure



N/A Global VersaWeigh™ Thermo Scientific™

Weighing Range

N/A 0.35274 oz to 22.0 lb 10 g to 10 kg
Product Rate1 N/A Up to 400 packages/min

Product Type

N/A Any including cartons, bags, cups, bottles, jars, pouches, boxes, etc.
Accuracy2 N/A Random error: To OIML R51 International Standards. European MID Standards and Handbook - 44 U.S. standards or better.

Optional Ingress Protection

N/A Ingress Protection (IP65) Ingress Protection (IP66)

Pollution Degree


Weight Classification Zones

N/A 3 or 5 zone selectable. Special versions for random package weighing (warehouse).

Other Applications (Option)

N/A Multi Lane, Tare Gross, Multi product, marking and verification (track and trace), Class Y, Grader, OEM, specials.



N/A Global Versa GP Checkweighers Thermo Scientific™ Global VersaWeigh™

Line Speed

Line Speed Models Up to 3.0 Kilogram (kg) (6.61 Pound (lb)) Capacity

N/A Up to 120 m/minUp to 394 ft/min

Line Speed Models Over 3.0 Kilogram (kg) (6.61 Pound (lb)) Capacity

N/A Up to 90 m/minUp to 295 ft/min

Note for Line Speed

N/A Pack rates dependent upon package length and weight table length.

Product Dimensions

Length3 N/A 25 to 600 mm
Maximum Width4 N/A 400 mm

Electrical Specifications

Alternating Current (AC) Voltage

N/A 110/120 V

Number of Phase

N/A 1


N/A 50 Hz60 Hz

Maximum Current

N/A 15 A

Service Specifications

Air - Dry Pressure at 1000 Liter Per Minute (ft³/min) (35 Cubic Feet Per Minute (ft³/min))

N/A 550 to 690 kPa5.5 to 6.9 bar80 to 100 psi

Note for Air - Dry Pressure at 1000 Liter Per Minute (ft³/min) (35 Cubic Feet Per Minute (ft³/min))

N/A Depending on Application and Configuration.

Overall Dimensions

Length for Integral Conveyors5 N/A 750 to 2000 mm
Length for Free-Standing Conveyors6 N/A 2800 mm
Approximate Width7 N/A 600 to 1500 mm

Line Height

USA Line Height

N/A 650 to 1100 mm

USA Line Height Tolerance

N/A +100 mm-80 mm

EU Line Height

N/A 800 to 1100 mm

GP Model Line Height

N/A 630 to 1150 mm

GP Model Line Height Tolerance (±)

N/A 50 mm

Approvals or Standards

Approvals or Standards

N/A CE Low-Voltage Directive 2006/95/CE
CE Machinery Safety Directive 2006/42/CE
CE Electro-Magnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/CE and CSAUS
Complies with EC Directive 2002/95/EC
MID/OIML 35g-1200g e≥0.5g (to 48 kg) <72 m/min.



N/A Frame: 304 grade Stainless Steel (bead blast finish). Cabinet and conveyor beds (4b finish).
Rollers: hard anodized aluminum or SST (option); load cell aluminum or SST (option).
Belts: Urethane FDA Blue UU20 or FDA Blue E2/1~E3/1 type depending on conveyor dimensions and application.



  • Versatile
  • High Accuracy and Stability
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • 1 Depending on Application.
  • 2 Actual Accuracy May Differ Depending upon Package Weight, Speed, Stability and Roller Type.
  • 3 Other Product Sizes upon Request.
  • 4 Other Product Sizes upon Request.
  • 5 Exclusive Additional Free-standing Conveyors.
  • 6 Exclusive Additional Free-standing Conveyors.
  • 7 Depending on Configuration