Unmatched adaptability and exceptional efficiencies.

Delivering increased capability with a reduced footprint, the Vectra platform offers a continuous motion servo controlled cartoner capable of exceptional performance in a variety of applications. Open in design, Vectra allows generous accessibility to setup and load areas, while maximizing cleaning efficiencies in washdown applications.
Unit of Measure



N/A Douglas Vectra®
Speed1 N/A Up to 300 Cartons Per Minute

Pack Pattern

N/A The Vectra easily accommodates varied size ranges and pack patterns for frozen goods in bags or trays, chilled and dry goods food applications.

Standard Pitch

N/A 6 in9 in12 in152.4 mm228.6 mm304.8 mm

Standard Magzine Capacity

N/A 6 ft1828.8 mm

Optional Magazine Capacity

N/A 12 ft3657.6 mm

Carton Dimensions

Direction of Travel (Standard)

N/A 4.5 to 10.5 in114.3 to 266.7 mm

Vertical (Standard)

N/A 1.25 to 4.25 in31.75 to 107.95 mm

Across Machine (Standard)

N/A 5.5 to 12 in139.7 to 304.8 mm



N/A Specification limits may not be available in all combinations and are subject to change without notice.



N/A Designed and built to exacting Douglas standards, fewer and faster changeover points increase uptime to maximize efficiency and performance. All servo driven technology ensures absolute product control in all phases from infeed to discharge. Each motion is precisely designed for your application, resulting in greater throughput, less waste and higher production efficiency.
  • Vertical overhead adjustment controlled by HMI driven linear actuators. Across machine overhead adjustment coupled with flight chain eliminates additional adjustment points.
  • Efficient carton sealing using glue, tucked tab or a combination
  • Tucked tab cartons are sealed using a servo driven orbital motion for tuck preparation, insertion and locking
  • Cycle stop compression ensures proper carton sealing during a production stoppage
  • Robust tube-free hygienic frame design for easy washdown in sanitary applications
  • Full height guard package provides safe operating conditions while maximizing operator visibility
Application and Product Handling Flexibility

Automatic Infeed Systems

All infeed product collation and timing solutions are designed to ensure gentle product handling and complete product control. A variety of standard and custom product collation solutions are available. Each infeed system is designed specifically for your application to achieve the highest level of efficiency. Some commonly used systems include:
  • Random timing infeed: 2, 3 or 4 correction belts (speed dependent)
  • Overhead and reorienting sweeps
  • Star-wheel infeeds (vertical and horizontal), single and multiple products per cycle
  • Timing screw infeed
  • Bag in box transfers
  • Dual servo collation system (on demand)
Product Conditioning
  • Overhead confinement for load
  • Overhead compression at load
Carton Closing and Sealing
(Tuck or glue for full range of carton styles)

The Vectra produces consistently square cartons and ensures proper adhesive compression through the innovative application of tuckers and dual overhead compression rails. Tuck cartons use orbital motion closers for preparation of tuck, insertion and locking functions, while cycle stop flap closing prevents unsealed cartons from exiting the Vectra.

Tuck cartons
  • Reverse Tuck
  • Straight Tuck
Glue carton seals
  • Econoseal
  • Full Overlap Container (FOL)
  • Partial Overlap Container (POL)
  • Z-View
  • 1 Product and pack pattern dependent