Benefits at a glance
  • Fast and tool-less format change with vertical restart
  • Maximum product and pack style flexibility
  • High process safety and reliability
  • Ergonomic and intuitive operation over HMI
  • Compact and open design thanks to minimal footprint
Unit of Measure



N/A Syntegon

Approximate Weight

N/A 3600 kg

Product Dimensions

Product Length

N/A 50 to 300 mm

Product Width

N/A 10 to 150 mm

Product Height

N/A 10 to 150 mm

Blank Dimensions

Blank Length

N/A 150 to 750 mm

Blank Width

N/A 150 to 550 mm

Carton Dimensions

Carton Length

N/A 100 to 400 mm

Carton Width

N/A 100 to 300 mm

Carton Height

N/A 25 to 160 mm


Maximum Product Performance

N/A Up to 800 products/min

Maximum Carton Performance

N/A Up to 30 cartons/min


Voltage1 N/A 400 to 480 V

Number of Phase

N/A 3


N/A 50 Hz60 Hz

Approximate Energy Consumption

N/A 8 kV·A

Approximate Compressed Air Pressure

N/A 5 to 6 bar

Application Information


N/A Pre-packed products such as bars, biscuits, bags

Package Styles

N/A The products can be packed into almost any conventional carton style such as tri-seal closure and open tray.

Packaging Material

N/A Flat blanks made of solid or corrugated cardboard. The use of packaging material with high recycling content is possible due to the gentle carton forming process.

Mode of Operation

N/A Carton blanks are removed from the magazine and are formed. Products are fed, grouped and loaded into the formed carton (topload). Afterwards the filled carton is closed and passed to the outfeed belt.


N/A The Sigpack TTME is aligned for 24/7 production. Only a single operator is needed to handle all operations - changeover and cleaning included. Active carton control, reproducible changeovers and process transparency make the machine operation easier. This results in the highest reliability and OEE optimization.

Ergonomics and Design

N/A The Sigpack TTME is equipped with a compact and open design with minimal, modular expandable footprint. The machine is readily accessible and easy to clean. The ergonomic operating height guarantees comfortable operation and fast conversion to new sizes and shapes. Safety guards provide noise protection and fulfill safety standards.


N/A A large touchscreen allows the setting of product - specific parameters and in case of faults, displays a method for troubleshooting. Information on product statistics and the current operating status can also be accessed.



  • Optimal accessibility and easy cleaning
  • Scalable output up to 30 cartons or 800 products per minute
  • High Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Standard Equipment

Standard Equipment

  • Sigpack TTME for carton forming, loading and closing
  • Product infeed conveyor
  • Product collation unit
  • Driven blank magazine
  • Allen Bradley control and drives
  • HMI with color touch screen, recipe and user management
  • Integrated hot melt system
  • Tool-less changeover with vertical restart



  • Double infeed conveyor and collating unit
  • Feeding wheel for high-speed applications
  • On edge loading of products
  • Integration of a multipack infeed chain
  • Open flap control
  • Miscount detection
  • Trolley for change parts
  • Vision control
  • And many others
  • 1 Plus ground