• Automatic Tray Loaders
  • Garvey® Rotary Tables
  • Clean Room Transfer

    A proven solution to maximize production.

    The Garvey® Clean Room Transfer is designed to minimize the size of the exit portal of a clean room while providing a flush chain to chain transfer, eliminating the need for dead plates. They are an effective solution as they allow products to be transferred into controlled environments without being handled. The unit can be located either outside or within the clean room.

  • Gap Transporters

    A proven solution to maximize production.

    Increase Throughput by 30%

    Garvey®'s completely portable transporter is a versatile workhorse. With the slightest of adjustments, it can be used for gap transporting and conveying, depucking, elevating, spacing, label inspecting, and bottom coding and inspecting.

  • Gripper Elevators

    A proven solution to maximize production.

    Garvey®'s Gripper Elevator fits within existing conveyor lines with ease due to its minimal footprint design. The vulcanized gripper surface opens or closes with a built in handwheel, from less than 1" to a maximum of 12" separation (wider units are available upon request.) Infeed and outfeed elevations are designed to customer specifications and product can be lowered or raised depending on requirements.

  • Garvey® Automatic Vial Dryers

    The Automatic Vial Dryer speeds up the drying process from 24-48 hours down to as little as 5 minutes.

    This process allows vials to go directly to labeling or inspection, reducing time out of refrigeration and labor.

    The Automatic Vial Dryer utilizes a modular design and can be configured to fit in even the tightest production line layouts. Various in-feed and out-feed options are offered and the machine will handle products ranging from 2 ml to 50 ml lyophilized and liquid filled vials.

    After drying, our high speed Infinity Rx accumulation table gently single files vials at rates up to 800 vials per minute using our patented pressureless loop Infinity technology.

  • Infinity™ Accumulation Tables